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Lurene Jewellers
Lurene Jewellers is a family owned and operated business committed to providing exquisite, affordable and accessible jewellery to all. We boast a variety of brands and a talented in house jeweller with over 22 years of experience, providing an excellence in execution and specialising in the manufacturing of bespoke pieces and repairs. We offer our customers additional piece of mind in knowing their jewellery remains on site at all times as well as a watch repair and gold buying service. We believe the key to a successful business is based on customer loyalty, satisfaction, trust and hard work and have built our foundations with this in mind. It is upon this belief that our unique selection of jewellery is second to none. We are committed to continuously delivering quality pieces and have had the honour of being part of countless love stories within our communities and abroad and look forward to bringing your vision to life.
Lurene Jewellers Trading Hours
Monday - Saturday
09:00AM - 5:00PM
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