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Lil' Cilantro
Now Open for Dinner Thursday, Friday and Saturdays! Family-owned and operated Lil Cilantro have highly qualified chefs to offer the finest authentic Vietnamese dishes. The menu is filled with signature dishes including ‘Pho’ - Lil’ Cilantro’s special beef noodle soup, Vietnamese special combination meats served with your choice of sides, traditional crispy skin chicken noodle soup, famous street food such as the ‘Banh Xeo’ - Vietnamese traditional crepes and ‘Banh Mi Thit’ - Vietnamese pork baguette, made fresh to order. Partnering with coffee specialists, Campos Coffee, professionally trained and dedicated in house baristas will make your favourite brew to perfection every time. Dine in, take-away or delivery available! Lil' Cilantro aim to serve quality, authentic Vietnamese food, which is rich in culture and lightly influenced by modern French cuisine. All Lil' Cilantro foods are prepared to order, using fresh ingredients and practically minimal oils, fats and artificial flavours.
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