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Jack’s Creek continue to stake a claim at annual World Steak Challenge!

Australian family beef producer, Jack’s Creek who also happens to be one of George's Fine Meats' supplier has for the fifth year running, taken out multiple wins at the World Steak Challenge 2019 held in Dublin. 

For the second consecutive year, every single one of Jack’s Creek’s 12 entries received a medal including taking out two of the three category awards, winning the World’s Best Sirloin and World’s Best Grain Fed steak. This further cements Jack’s Creek as not only one of Australia’s best beef producer but as one of the world’s best for consistently producing such a high-quality product. 

The winning steaks came from a 450-day grain fed Wagyu, bred by John Martin at Dollarvale Farm just outside Wagga Wagga NSW. Dollarvale Farm has full blood Wagyu genetics on the farm and it is a complete vertically integrated Wagyu production system. Jack’s Creek have many longstanding relationships with farmers such as John Martin whom they work with closely to achieve the high quality produce they have become known for.  

Total awards from Jack’s Creek include:

Wagyu Sirloin: World’s Best Sirloin Steak
Wagyu Fillet: World’s Best Grain Fed Steak 

Wagyu Ribeye: Gold medal 
Wagyu F1 Sirloin: Gold medal
Wagyu F1 Ribeye: Gold medal
Wagyu F1 Fillet: Silver Medal
Black Angus Sirloin: Silver Medal
Black Angus Ribeye: Silver Medal
Black Angus Fillet: Bronze Medal
Wagyu Sirloin: Gold Medal
Wagyu Fillet: Gold Medal 
Wagyu Ribeye: Gold medal

Jack’s Creek can be found on the menus of some of Australia’s top restaurants including BLACK Bar & Grill, Aria, Catlina and LuMi Bar and Dining. Better yet, the World's Best Sirloin Steak is right on your doorstep and is available at George's Fine Meats.