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CodeSpace Autumn School Holidays Camps

At CodeSpace we nurture your child’s digital creative skills to prepare them for the future; a world caught in the flux of rapid and unpredictable technological advancement. 


We’re running our Autumn School Holiday Camps for children aged 7-13 in which we use games such as Minecraft and Roblox to combine a robust educational experience - full of variables and computing vernacular - with a ridiculous amount of fun!


Our all-new courses:


  • Minecraft Modding: Space Warrior - Use code to find your way back to Earth from an outpost on Mars, designing and programming everything you need to save our planet.
  • Roblox: Battle Royale - Build your own battle royale-style game using Roblox, becoming fluent with 3D space, asset manipulation, behaviour programming and more! 
  • Arcade Game Adventure - Develop an arcade style game, full of baddies, collectibles and secret rooms! Become familiar with the concepts of loops, arithmetic operations, and the x and y planes.
  • Minecraft Youtuber Star - Learn how to plan out a video, film, record sound, create overlays, intro screens, edit, and produce your very own Minecraft Youtube-style video.


Sign up today and become a code hero these holidays:


Dates: 15/04/2019-26/04/2019